Core Competencies

MPS performs all phases of systems engineering, including engineering across complex weapon  systems, missile system design, development support and hardware and software integration. We specialize in space and missile defense systems, cybersecurity, sensors, radars, directed energy, weapons system integration, and acquisition management.


Across multiple Technical, Engineering, Advisory, and Management Support (TEAMS) contracts with the Missile Defense Agency, the MPS Team is delivering key technical leadership in design, development, fielding and sustainment of an effective integrated Ballistic Missile Defense System.

For the US Army’s Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD), our team designed, developed and implemented multi-sensor (ground vehicle mounted and airborne) protypes that provide real-time automated detection of IEDs.

MPS delivers cybersecurity services to protect our customers across defense and critical infrastructure markets, including the intelligence community, federal and state agencies, the Department of Defense, and commercial enterprises. Our solutions range from cyber network operations to cyber Research and Development, including intelligence, Surveillance,  and Reconnaissance. We provide the cybersecurity solutions necessary to protect our clients and their sensitive information.


MPS members provide reverse engineering vulnerability research, systems administration, and network and systems security for our U.S. Government clients through multiple contracts including the US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Capabilities Development (C4CD) IDIQ, as well as the Secretary of the Air Force, Concepts, Development and Management (SAF/DCM) multiple award contract.

MPS provides warfighter support, product logistics/ fielding, operations support center manning, strategic policy development, and warfighter training support. We offer a full range of turnkey services including:

  • Facility O&M for infrastructure, utilities, and airfield operations; morale, welfare, and recreation services, and environmental management support.
  • Logistics support, warehousing and inventory, bulk fuel operations, aircraft loading/unloading, and food services.
  • Transportation support, vehicle maintenance, parts management, dispatch operations, freight/passenger manifesting, and automated work control and cost tracking.
  • Telecommunications operations, local area networks, telecommunications engineering, furnishing, and installation, telecommunications systems O&M, and antennae maintenance.

We specialize in highly secure physical, electronic, and threat-resistant facilities and systems; we have worked on a variety of projects around the world, including the following:

  • Military installations and bases
  • Energy and research facilities
  • Highly hazardous waste treatment complexes
  • Communication and transportation systems
  • Homeland security infrastructure
  • Overseas and remote facilities

MPS provides missile defense threat scenario support, wargaming exercises, and visualization  of real-time system behaviors using our custom created suite of tools including our modeling and simulation tool that directly supports MDA decision makers and the warfighter. 


For the MDA, MPS used our custom developed modeling and simulation tools to explore the benefits of proposed technical solutions for the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) related to its sensor components, and their impact on the design and overall mission capability. We assessed the benefits between active sensor subcomponents such as LIDAR transmitter/aperture ratios, and passive sensor subcomponents such as telescope optical chains and focal plane arrays.

MPS possesses expertise in all aspects of testing, from pre-test planning and analysis to test resource planning, test planning and execution, and post-test analysis.


The MPS Team  currently supports Missile Defense Agency (MDA) test directorates at both the system level, directly on the Test, Exercise, and Wargames contract supporting the Directorate for Test, Warfighter Operational Support, Exercises and Wargames Division (MDA/DTWX), and at the component level through our Flight Component and General Test Support (FCGTS) contract supporting the THAAD Test Directorate. Our team supports both the test requirements development phase, and test event planning and design phase.

On our FCGTS contract we provide test and evaluation engineering and analysis support for the Test Directorate Planning Division – including pre-mission planning support, pre-test data analysis, and flight test execution. Our engineers coordinate THAAD Flight Test target phenomenology modeling which delivers high fidelity predictions that can be used for pre-flight system performance analysis.